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Monday, October 17 2016

Any child of God with his or her ears to the heartbeat of God will know that we live in a time when we need to make haste. We need to make haste because Heaven is in a state of alert in readiness for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, while the devil is consolodating his activities to take as many people as possible to his final destination of destruction in the lake of fire. 

In these perilous times, the kingdom of darkness is working on the hearts of men to hold the truth in unrighteouisness. Truth has now become relative to a person's mindset, and so called human rights are now deemed to trump the laws of God. Acts that were once repulsive to people are now accepted in certain societies and powerful forces in these places have taken it upon themselves to intimidate other societies into accepting their evil standards. Because wickedness and iniquity are on the increase, the love of many Christians is waxing cold. We live in a time where people who are killing and persecuting the children of God think they are doing God a service. Right before our eyes, we are seeing the fulfilment of various end time prophesies by Daniel, Paul and our Lord Jesus Christ.

The crux of our focus in the year 2015, therefore, is to know what we are expected to do as children of God, and the manner of life we are to live in such times as this. This is summed up in Isaiah 37:24 which says

"And the remnant that is escaped of this house of Judah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward"

We are expected to examine the root of our salvation in Christ and grow this root deeper in Christ by fellowship. As our root grows deeper, we are expected to bear tangible, visible fruits for the world to see. The fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of salvation of lost souls are the heart cry of the Father today. Arise, for it is time to make haste to meet these demands. 

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