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Wednesday, November 02 2016

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Wednesday, November 02 2016
Victory Centre Oxford is 10 years old, this can only be God because it came as a dream from God, birthed by the grace of God, sustained by the mighty hand God. So I want to start by first giving glory, honour, adoration to the king of kings and lord of lords, to Jesus our lord and to my best friend the Holy Spirit who has powered us with signs wonders and miracles.
The genesis:
The vision of Victory Centre Oxford (VCO) started by a voice which I believe to be our lords voice calling Oxford repeatedly in my sleep, I often woke up and wondered what Oxford meant and why it interrupted my sleep continuously, as this continued non-stop, I decided to seek counsel from my pastor (Pst Segun Doherty) for spiritual guidance on the issue. As I started explaining what I was experiencing, the wife whom we fondly refer to as Mummy Pastor interrupted with a surprise look in her face, explaining that God told them two years before to send someone to Oxford to start a church; you can imagine my thoughts at this point as I protested vehemently that there must be a mistake, Pastor was not having any of that as he quickly demanded that we go to Oxford the next day, again I protested that I cannot take excuse from work because of the sudden nature of his request. All in all we ended up making the trip to Oxford two days later, ironically I got a day off from a manager that I was sure will never approve such leave, he did not even question my motive. God was evidently at work.

Testing the waters:
We travelled to Oxford to explore the land like the 12 spies sent by Moses to spy the Promise land, except in this case we were just three of us, I went in the company of Pst and Pst(Mrs) Doherty. Without any contact or anyone to visit we stopped at the first Petrol station close to the town centre, Pastor reminded us that everywhere we set our feet will be ours as the bible says, we matched round the grounds of the petrol station symbolic of the land of Oxford as a whole, we concluded our prayers and returned home because we really didn't know anywhere.
We were to return to Oxford for evangelism on three occasions after that, soon afterwards we started receiving calls from a few people asking when the church will start.

Reality dawns:
Due to the enquiries we received about the church, we fixed a date for Sunday 28/2/2006 to open the doors to worshippers.
On that faithful day I was accompanied by the pastor and a pack of faithful members of the Luton church, we arrived to our pleasant surprise to meet a few people waiting to join us for worship, from that day the numbers continued to grow.

So far so good:
Numbers continue to increase from the first service to my great amazement, God showed favour, provided for our needs, paid our rents and VCO was born. Over the years so many students, workers, visitors, anointed ministers of the gospel has passed through our doors to be a blessing and to be blessed.

Over these ten years we have seen many testimonies, signs, wonders and miracles. We have seen the sick healed, the spiritually oppressed delivered, those waiting for the fruit of the womb received their blessings, on one occasion I went to pray for a man in hospital on a 48hrs death bed suffering fro cancer, he discharged himself the next morning and flew back to Nigeria, our God is awesome.
We have moved from two locations and now in our third location as the church continue to grow.

It has not been plain sailing, being a university town has meant high turnover with so many members having to relocate after their studies, other issues affecting Africans such as immigration restrictions has meant that the number of Africans coming to study in the U.K. Has been drastically reduced to trickles. However God has helped us marvellously in every situation.
During the period, we lost a baby so dear to our hearts, it was a painful test to the immediate family and the rest of the church. It was an experience I will never forget. The joy in all of it was the wonderful way God encouraged this family.

Looking ahead:
While we are thanking God for what He has done so far, we are believing God to move forward in many fronts that will help to grow the ministry. Firstly we need a building of our own, we really need Devine intervention and we know nothing is impossible with God.
We're looking forward to broadcasting in various types of media including television broadcast. We're looking forward to participating more in charitable programs and setting up outfits to help the poorest in our community.
We're looking forward to a greater and more relevant ministry in the years to come, trusting that the God that has brought us this far will take us to higher heights in Jesus name, amen.
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