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Pastor and Pastor Mrs Emmanuel Oyedoh
Pastor and Pastor Mrs Emmanuel Oyedoh

One evening I was watching a message from Mike Mudoch on a christian chanel when he requested for viewers to sow seed for a miraculous turnaround, myself and my wife felt God was speaking to us to sow a seed, we have been believing God for a business idea so we thaught this was an opportunity to sow for the business for a divine intervention, imediately we called and made a commitment by paying with a credit card.

Soon after I started to hear a voice calling Oxford in my sleep every night, I spoke to my pastor about this and he imediately recalled that God had spoken to him about starting a church in Oxford two years before and he believed the voice I was hearing was God asking me to to go to Oxford to do his 'business' as Jesus said - I must go about my father's business.

We visited Oxford that week to do a quick survey, we stopped at petrol station on entering into Oxford and decided to do a short prayer work for God to prosper our desire to start a church in Oxford.

Interestingly I did not know Oxford before this visit and had no contact whatsoever, we visited a few weeks to distribute tracks, fixed a date to start regular worship and the rest has been amazing run, a clear indication that God indeed has called us to Oxford to show forth his glory, power, signs and wonders.

God has giving the mandate to bring The Ark of the Convenant to Oxford, signifying the showing forth of his presence, love, spirit, signs and wonders through the working of his mighty power.

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